How To Have a $1000 Day!

Many will cross the $1000++++ mark and some will fall short but still have a fantastic day!!!!!!!

The key is preparing and in the followup calls and prior emails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


***Make your list of customers (current or not..friends, relatives...want-to-be customers, friends, church members, neighbors, wedding list women, etc) and have their names and addresses and phone numbers and     emails available.  Keep a master list. 

***Purchase enough Look Books (NEW SUMMER Look Books available to order today!) and large envelopes to mail them out.  Order these ASAP so they arrive and can go into your             envelopes and in the mail no later than Tuesday 28th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***Have enough copies made of the attached Letter (after you have edited it) and Insert to mail out with the Look Books.

***If able, order the NEW Summer items and especially the Men's Fragrance Travel Collection to start showing everyone (We will TOTALLY promo this thru the Sale and for Father's Day!!!!!!!!!!)


***Get your customers or those mailing to...into an email group because we are going to blast them with emails about 5 times between tomorrow and the 5th!!!!!!!

Why?  It is just like an evite you get and get and get a zillion times prior to the event!  We are going to totally promote our new items, Father's Day, Sun Care and more to have them chomping at the bit for June     5th to arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will be working with my assistant, Christina, on a group email that we can all copy and send out during this period. 

***The first email will be the INSERT above and an email/message saying:

SAVE THE DATE!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Wednesday, JUNE 5TH, is our Mount Area Mary Kay Summer $1000 Day Sale! 
You don't want to miss it and the NEW HOT SUMMER ITEMS are a HIT for Father's Day and for you!!!!!!!!!!! 
Check out the attachment with the NEW HOT  MUST-HAVE'S FOR SUMMER and watch for a large envelope from me in the mail in about a week or so! 
The details will amaze you!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Watch for it!!!!!!!!!!
Sincerely and so excited!
Ruthie xo (your name) 
(copy/paste this into your first email to whomever you are mailing to!!!!!!!!!!!)

Download the Editable Documents Below:

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